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    The company is founded2002Years,Is located at the foot of lushan world cultural landscape,Tao yuanming's hometown-Jiujiang shacheng industrial park,,The highway of silver(105National highway)Shahe exports100Meters,To jingjiu railway lushan station2Kilometers,Jiujiang airport8Kilometers,Jiujiang port of foreign trade10Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient。
    The company specializes in fitness equipment,Chair in the park、The treadmill、Backboard、Table tennis and other sports products research and development, production and sales,Products through the national sporting goods quality supervision and testing center,According to the productGB19272-2003Inspection standard qualified,The quality of the products by the Chinese people's insurance company underwriting,Over the years is evaluated“The contract heavy credit unit”“Consumer trustworthy enterprise”,And won“The national sports equipment product quality notary top ten brands”“One of the ten famous brands in China outdoor sporting goods”,A number of products won the national utility model patents.

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Correspondence address:Jiujiang lot south lake road88Number
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