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Hermit works

Good thing·Spring rain like dust

The author:Hermit works 6.57(7People score)

Spring rain like dust,Wicker yellow wet outside the building。The wind curtain about inclined to,Through wire netting cold blue。Beauty careless JianShangYuan lamp,The constitution on yao。却上紫姑香火,Ask liaodong message。...

Chen Yuyi

The high books

The author:Chen Yuyi 6.86(7People score)

The three points in the book is the dome,In the old hu the first swim。Late wood dongting wild beauty,Clear shadow embrace yueyang tower。Wind dew abuse take you four years,October vomit a disorderly state。Not polite to lu xiao,Stale and pedantic scholar blank nine separately。...

Wen tianxiang


The author:Wen tianxiang 6.86(7People score)

Jinling ancient house,Southern cross old with Beijing。Ermeishan mountain of dish Bo,The river have been changed。Athletes and soil,New TaiCheng ghost cry。A brook,Be sentient beings。...

Zhou bangyan

USES·The rain had the red wet not fly

The author:Zhou bangyan 6(5People score)

The rain had the red wet not fly,Through XieHui ShuLi neighbourhood。。Swim bees make honey secretly spring return,The princess no wind bamboo。Garment Gou JinRi water sink slightly,A spring should be have a person。...

Wei Hu queen mother

Little younger sister song establish resplendence ardently

The author:Wei Hu queen mother 6(5People score)

Kid sister word grace establish resplendence ardently,Qian skirt horses such as volume。Fold left shot right shot will double。Women are so,Man sees encore。...

Huang Zhencheng

Lead mountain line earlier‌

The author:Huang Zhencheng 7.85(13People score)

The early ci Lin pavilion,Chicken has again hao。String when the home straight,The mountains are high bucket handle。Fine wet invasion quinoa staff,Cold light on cloth robe。Before the east day,Five colours yuntao...

Huang Zhencheng

West the chronicle‌

The author:Huang Zhencheng 7.85(13People score)

Today is a bit clear,Out of the west village。After the turmoil when feeling,All different jiao。Lin jiggled see pinglu,Temple broken leave me。Gao Ting mang market,Values into a vegetable garden。Wandering in the middle,I listen to farmers and old。Planted the grave,Blade of grass, is sweet。Ding Nan to duty,YuanMen period to set。The case is the lack of cow dint,Hard hard theory。I smell bad chuang,Does so yuanyuan。Old not plow,How dare the faint dish dinner plates。...

He Zheng

Spring grass‌

The author:He Zheng 7.85(13People score)

Spring to nowhere not wheatgrass,Good color through XiangLian dyed garments。Nanpu night smoke and no bird,Partridges QuJiangHan rain fly。Who is interested in fluidized green,Take no love will return。Huaihai empty into the hope every year,Six dynasties wang industry have not。...

Su shi

For atoms shown in hyperbole

The author:Su shi 7.78(9People score)

Between the same geometry retting,Fallen fairy fallen but the swim,Probably spent eight pass kyushu。Paid into two birds,Art is on a three。Kaiyuan youdao for less,Mi Shen not asked。The white cross I desire he,Eye four air and there is no higher。Big son travels in jun,Pediatric tiantai sit forget the true。Born in general high,Hand dirty my foot is a aversion and dare。Poetry a smile you should hear。...

Liu Han

The beginning of autumn

The author:Liu Han 6(5People score)

Milk crow crow jade screen is empty,A new cool pillow a fan。No sleeping on the autumn find place,Full order ng monthly statement。...

Wang Yisun

High balcony·And zhou ZhuYouYun grass window to send more

The author:Wang Yisun 7.14(7People score)

Cx Yin,Cold light shade shadow,Through the jade while GuanChun Jia。Small gold mud,Don't know the spring is in the young。Acacia night window to dream,Nai individuals、Water covers the next day。But mournful,Full tree fragrance,The extremely。Jiangnan naturally from the sorrow,Besides, YouCong gu,Wild goose pingsha。How much silver proverb,Hospitality with a time of life。Now living in everywhere,The vertical with high、Not see the end of the world。The more he elimination,A few degrees east,几度飞花。...

Their own features

With the summer house less summer swim mountain home

The author:Their own features 7(8People score)

Beholding the lower cen,Store more action。LAN diameter kaori 珮,Tree falls unique。Wind GuJing butcher,The moonlight deep mountain empty。Send bearing a tired,The only remaining pine guangxi heart。...

Wu Xichou

Spring day

The author:Wu Xichou 6.33(6People score)

Shaoguang half to in a hurry,How much the hard-currency impassability。Yan has not married well rain,People like the wine in the fallen petal wind。A window grass have old song,Five acres of garden water Su weng。No assignment evocation into the noise,Which spring is a spring。...

Zhou bangyan

Accommodation facilities·Grey warm sweet harmony pin day forever

The author:Zhou bangyan 6(5People score)

Grey warm sweet harmony pin day forever。Pu spring cane show also shelves。Curved Angle bar and masses finches。After the tomb-sweeping day。The wind to comb of passing a willow。Rizhao earth Liang Guangyu slip。Follow the order of bamboo powder with sleeve。Grand red face, such as wine。Shen Yin long。Last night time is right to。...

Then become yan

Wujiang king temple

The author:Then become yan 7.25(8People score)

Flag cloud temple and worship the pedestrians,Merit ask ghosts and gods。The sword dance hong door can forgive,The ship sank the stag unexpectedly wu qin。A fan ceng to seek the Lord,Han xin turned out to be one by one。Jiang chu song is the most sorrow,Where is not only for all。...

Su shi

The wave·Red berries

The author:Su shi 7.85(13People score)

Good sleep careless open late。Self-pity ice face not appropriate。I make little red peach apricot,Refined,It is rest solitary thin snow on appearance。The luxury, along with the state of matter,What,Wine is born slightly dizzy ooze yao muscle。In old know Meg,Echo,More see green leaves and green branches。...

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