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ZDHW-2002Type of intelligent heat meter
ZDHW-2Full-automatic calorimetric apparatus
ZDHW-2AFull-automatic calorimetric apparatus(Vertical)
ZDHW-6Type microcomputer automatic calorimeter
ZDHW-8Microcomputer type double cone calorimeter
ZDHW-6AMicrocomputer automatic vertical heat meter
Fully automatic type refrigeration quantity heat meterZDHW-2009A、ZDHW-2010AType
Microcomputer type refrigeration quantity of heat meterZDHW-2009B、ZDHW-2010B
KZDL-4AType of intelligent rapid sulfur instrument
KZDL-4BMicrocomputer fission type sulfur analyzer
KZDL-5Smart one sulfur analyzer
KZDL-6Type microcomputer integrated sulfur analyzer
KZDL-8Type automatic sulfur analyzer
ZDSC-2002Type ZDSC-2002FType automatic moisture meter
WBSC-2003Type WBSC-2003FMicrocomputer type moisture meter
GYFX-610Full-automatic industrial analyzer
GYFX-611Full-automatic industrial analyzer
GYFX-612Full-automatic industrial analyzer
JZX-2Type coal slagging resistance tester
CHK-60Type hartz grindability index determination
CHK-60BFull-automatic hartz grindability index tester
MSCY-12Xingmei wear index tester
Coal activity testerHX-2Type
HR-8Type microcomputer automatic ash melting point apparatus
HR-5Type microcomputer ash melting point apparatus
HR-4Type of ash melting point apparatus
TQ-3AType hydrocarbon element analyzer
KZCH-2Fast automatic type hydrogen meter
KZCH-8Type microcomputer automatic measuring hydrogen meter
The coal ignition point testerWRD-8Type
NJ-2Type of caking index tester
NJ-6Type automatic caking index tester
HF-2Rapid succession ash tester
JC-2Type of glial layer index tester
JC-3Type microcomputer glial layer index tester
XL-1Type XL-2Muffle furnace
Intelligent integration muffle furnace/Intelligent box high temperature furnace/Digital display muffle furnace
XZL-6Smart muffle furnace
101Series digital display electrothermal blowing
202Series digital display electric constant temperature drying oven
EP-1Type of jaw crusher
EP-2Type of jaw crusher
EP-3Type of jaw crusher
EP-150X250Jaw crusher
The sealing jaw crusherEP-150X250B
The sealing jaw crusher(EP-3B)
EP-1B EP-2BEnvironmental protection seal jaw crusher
PCS180x150 PCS250x360Hammer type broken extension
PCZ180x150 PCZ250x360Sealed hammer crusher
Sealed hammer crusher/Hammer cutter fragmentized extension
XPZ-200×125/200×150Type of roll crusher
XPZ-200×75Type of roll crusher
Wet coal crusher
Hammer mill
EPS-1/8Classified in-house prototype model broken
Fracture splitting in-house sample unitPSLH-1800A9
Fracture splitting in-house sample unitPSLH-1800B
Hydraulic type pulverizer sample preparation
GJ-1Type GJ-2Type GJ-2LType GJ-3Type GJ-4Type sealed sample preparation grinder
GJ-6Sample preparation mill type sealed test
GJ-4Sample preparation mill type sealed test
GJ-3Sample preparation mill type sealed test
GJ-2Sample preparation mill type sealed test
The high-speed universal grinder
YF-250Type disc mill
Disc mill
Vibration grinding prototype
MKM-2000Type m qom drum
MKM-2000BSeal type coke drum tester
MKM-2000CEnvironmental protection type coke drum tester
SQG-12Type drum group mechanical screen before
SHG-7After the coke drum screen machinery
Sets the coke strength tester
SQZG-4Type of sinter and pellet rotary drum
Coke ball machine coke reactivity and strength after reaction sample preparation system
SQG-8Before the drum type mechanical screen
SQG-8BMulti-stage vibration screen before the sinter drum
The coke reactivity and strength after reaction apparatus
SHG-4Mechanical screen after the drum type
SHGH-4After sinter drum sieve machinery(Seal and environmentally friendly)
HXTY-2Nut shell activated carbon drum tester
MSZG-2400Drum type coal machine
MHXT-2Type coal particle activated carbon drum tester
MHTY-3Type of wood activated carbon (granular) drum tester
Single and double layer vibrating screen
ZQYC-10CSmart pellets compressive strength tester
WQYC-10CThe compressive strength tester type microcomputer balls
DSF-8Type electric extension
The differentiator
Seal type 2 differentiator
GZS-200Type of standard sieve machine
GZS-300Type of standard sieve machine
Rod mill
Fifty four roll barrel rod mill
Single tank flotation machine
ZQMCone ball mill
SM-500Refined cement test
The thermostatic water bath pot
Electric heating plate
The cross template
Sampling shovel
SDCY-6000Portable sampler
Sampling shovel
The pressure plate
Grinding pipette
Sieve analysis、Sample sieve
Wooden frame screen by hand
Tungsten carbide material bowl
Feeding bowl
The addition of coal drop strength tester
Industrial coal cold pressing strength tester
Panting vibration sieve machine
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