Business card:5Box  26Yuan  *A4Flyer  157G  10000Zhang  760Yuan  *PVCCard 1000Zhang 290Yuan     Indoor photo:10Yuan/?  *Prints7Yuan/? *Blister word 4Yuan/  *Display screen 1300Yuan/?(Above all don't contain design、Make out an invoice) Note:Make above for part of the price,Other special make interview,Quantity is with preferential treatment!  
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    The advertisement decoration co., LTD., founded in guilin1997Years9Month,The company predecessor ZhuangShiBu for guilin sheng the ads。All the staff after years of unremitting efforts,From a few people become30Many people,From dozens of square meters has thousands of square meters,Has obtained certain achievement。Company place is located in guilin, believed in the way39Building3-4-5The facade,Cover an area of an area150?,Print factory is located in the city south road on the second floor(Opposite the spring home),Covers an area of350?。LEDBlister word、Screen and project production processing factory is located in the red head ridge, promoting the village53Number,Covers an area of500?。The company also has cooperation printing plant in shenzhen,Now is a well-equipped、Strong、Good management、Rapidly developing well-known entities

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OutdoorLEDDomestic media and12-05
Outdoor advertising where go?[Sheng12-04
The people's hall roof illegal billboards12-03
BrandLOGOThe importance of design method12-02
LEDGuardrail tube installation method12-15
Slogan and advertising planning12-15
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LEDLight-emitting character display

The meeting、Planning and arrangement

Advertising manufacturing release and leasing

Color page、Brochures and packaging printing

LEDLuminous wordLEDLuminous wordLEDPerforationLuminous word
The meetingEmpty balloonsThe opening ceremonyOpening a banner
The brake2The brake1The brake2015-9-11 16:08
BrochuresThree foldingThree foldingBrochures
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The phone:0773-3813499
13517731881(Liu) 13737710753(Lu)
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Address:Guilin believed in the way39-3-4-5Sanh hospital to the south300M(AnSha across the century city)
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Address:Guilin believed in the way39-3-4-5Sanh hospital to the south300M(AnSha across the century city) The phone:0773-3813499 13517731881(Liu) 13737710753(Lu)