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Sum of wuxi stainless steel co., LTD

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Stainless steel plate(Volume)Spot wholesale

Stainless steel plate (roll) spot wholesale

304Stainless steel plate
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S30408304304L06Cr19Ni10022Cr19Ni10S30409304H 07Cr19Ni10
310S309S253MA 1Cr25Ni20SI21Cr20Ni14SI2

Custom processing one-stop

Custom processing one-stop

Sum of stainless steel professional machining centerHigh precision equipment value ”2Hundred million"Yuan of aboveTo improve the utilization of steel The loss is low!

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Precision processing finished products

Insight into the wuxi summation

Import and export trade and mechanical processing

Sum of wuxi stainless steel co., LTD

Sum of wuxi stainless steel co., LTD

Sum of wuxi stainless steel co., LTD is a professional agent at home and abroad more than stainless steel factory of all kinds of stainless steel plate,Are enjoying high reputation in the stainless steel industry and industry influential level agents,Especially the distribution of special stainless steel and import and export trade。Successive years is evaluated“In the...
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